Sample readings - here's how it works.

Horary astrology answers the questions weighing on your mind right now. Here are some questions I've answered recently.

Is my girlfriend "The One"?
This client was in a long-term relationship and wanted to know whether his girlfriend was his true soulmate. Here's what I replied.

"Looking at this chart - which has all kinds of stability written all over it - I'd say, she is if you want her to be. Actually, let me rephrase: I think that whatever she wants, she has the power to go out and get - and she wants you. The two of you seem to be committed to what you have together. From the chart, I think that your girlfriend, as a choice for a long-term partner, is as noble and stable as they come. If you like the way things are going now, you can be confident that they will continue that way for a good long time.

"So that's what you need to figure out. Do you like the way things are going now? The chart shows me that you're really into her for the most part, but that there's part of your heart that's elsewhere, perhaps attracted to someone completely different. A caveat: In that part of the chart, I see the classic signature for 'you'd be better off not doing whatever it is you're thinking of doing.' It's one thing to contemplate what might have been with someone else, and another thing entirely to act on it."

Will I get the job?
A client had inquired about a job opening, and had spoken to a human resources representative and directed him to samples of her work online. She wanted some insight, and asked, "Will I be offered the job at Company X?" Here's my advice to her.

"Right away, this chart asks a question of its own: 'Are you sure you really want this job?' There's a clear indication that the job is about to run into serious difficulties, or that it's not nearly as creative a position as you hope it will be. On top of that, the chart says this job can't possibly live up to the high expectations you have of it. I see that you're qualified for the job, but you're stressed out at the moment. Be sure you're not just leaping for the first opportunity that happens to come by.

"That said, the company is mildly interested in you as a candidate, and you may hear from them in one to two months. They may be investigating you and your work behind the scenes. But you want to think clearly about whether it's a job you actually want."


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