Prompt answers. Reasonable rates.

I use horary astrology to answer your urgent personal questions about love, career, and life. Email me your question anytime. Once I receive your question, I will let you know when your answer will be ready. In most cases, this will be within three days of the time I receive payment.

I charge US$50.00 per question. I accept PayPal, and will give you instructions on how to pay once I have accepted your question.

"What kinds of questions can I ask?"
You can ask about almost any topic under the sun. Ask for insight into a current situation, or find out what the future has in store. Here are some sample topics.

  • Love & Relationships: Does she like me? What's going on in my marriage? Will he leave X for me? When will I meet someone?
  • Careers: Will I get the job? Will it pay well? Would I be happier as an architect or an actor?
  • Relocation: Am I better off staying in my current home or moving away? Will I earn more in a different city?
  • Games & Contests: Will my team win? Will my preferred political candidate win? How will my team perform this season?
  • Real Estate: Will we buy the house? Is this the right condo for us? Should I try to sell my place or rent it out?
  • Buying & Selling: Is this car a good buy? Is this stock a good investment? Will I find a buyer for my diamond ring?
  • School & Education: Will I get into this college? How will I like it there?
  • And Also...: How will the weather be for my party? Where are my keys? Am I bewitched? Will I find a publisher for my book?

Visit the Sample Readings page for examples of previous clients' questions and my answers.

"How should I ask my question?"
I recommend that you limit yourself to one question or topic at a time for best results. You may ask compound questions such as, "Will I be happy if I take the job at Company X? Will it pay well?" because they relate to the same topic. I suggest that you resist the temptation to add, "And when will I meet Ms. Right, and should I move to Australia," and so on. Focus on what is most important to you, then ask.

"Can you tell me what my birth chart means? My birthday is..."
Thank you for asking! Right now, I specialize in answering your specific questions based on the chart for that question. I hope to offer birth chart astrology services in the future.


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